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Lexington, KY Women's March on Washington

On January 21, 2017 women across the world took to the streets to march in solidarity. We marched for women's rights, for human rights, for LGBTQ rights, we marched to show support of Black Lives Matter, to show immigrants we welcome them, and we marched to show the world we would stand up for those who are oppressed. The largest march was in Washington, and then satellite marches were carried out in cities across the world. When I heard that a Women's March was planned for Lexington, I knew I needed to be there. But, I didn't only have the urge to document the march as a photographer, I had a burning desire to participate. 

You see, I have two small boys at home, boys who look to me as an example. I take that responsibility very seriously. The thing I most strive to teach my boys is to use their voice and their body to stand up for others, to stand up for themselves, and to never be afraid to do what's right. I want them to treat everyone equally no matter their sex, their skin color, their religion or who they love. And beyond that, I want my boys to grow up in a world that that believes the same. One evening, I sat down and explained the mission of the Women's March to my nine year old son. He was shocked that such a march was needed, that not all of society feels the same as us regarding equality. Before I even broached the subject of going to the march, he blurted out that he wanted to participate. My momma heart was so proud. So, we made signs (he picked his own), scoped out the route and headed to Lexington.

I could write forever about the emotions from that day, how I stood shoulder to shoulder with all walks of life and felt such an overwhelming feeling of community, how my heart swelled with pride seeing my son march for others, and how I was also simultaneously heart broken that we *had* to march for these things.  But, instead I think I will let these images tell the story.

You can find out more about the Women's March, it's mission and on-going calls to action HERE.